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adding another router

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Ok, I recommend you connect those stations to the 4500 and have it come off the ISP modem and use game fuel rules. Review the DGL-4500 forum for stickies there for setting this up. Run the other router off one of the LAN ports in back of the 4500.

Harry Whole:
Ok I tried what you posted on top and I could use the DGL-4100 lan ports but I couldn't use the wireless or lan ports on the 4300. Here is how I have tried it: I hook up the 4300 to the modem I then run a lan from the 4300 to the 4100 lan.

Do I disconnect the 4300 and connect the 4100 up to do this:

2. Open a web browser and enter and press Enter. When the login window appears, set the user name to Admin and leave the password box empty. Click Log In to continue.
3. Click on Advanced and then click Advanced Network. Uncheck the Enable UPnP checkbox. Click Save Settings to continue.
4. Click Setup and then click Network Settings. Uncheck the Enable DHCP Server checkbox. Click Save Settings to continue.
5. Under Router Settings, enter an available IP address and the subnet mask of your network. Click Save Settings to save your settings. Use this new IP address to access the configuration utility of the router in the future. Close the browser and change your computerís IP settings back to the original values as in Step 1.

After doing step 5 will I now have 2 configs saved?
1. (dgl-4300)
2. (dgl-4100)

Yes I would connect directly. Are you trying to use the 4100 as a switch now? I guess you could do this. I would make better sense to use the 4100 as your host router and the 4300 as an AP since it has wireless. However the 4300 is probably better then the 4100 only in that regard having wireless. You didn't happen to get a 4500 did ya? Let us know how the 4100 configuration turns out.

Harry Whole:
YIPPEE!!!! It works now!!!!! I can finally finish my gaming room before the release of battlefield 3!!! Thanks for all of the help FurryNutz.....

kewl man. Glad it's working. Keep us posted on how it works. I'm waiting for MW3. I might get BF3. Will see.


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