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Can't get into router to change setting.

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I can't get into my router, to change config setting.
The power supply failed.  Brought a new power supply. Everything thing seen to work fine but can't load the router page for admin, seen like it got corrupted when power supply failed. Try to reset the router but still have the same problem.  Anybody know away to force a firmware to be reload onto the router.

That my only problem.  I can connect two computer to it and they will be able to see each other. Wifi and LAN still work. but for wifi it is in unsecured mode.  I have no way to change it, since I can't access the router config setting.

Any words of advice or help, will be greatly appreciated.

What browser are you using? Make sure you clear the browsers cache too.
Try a different browser like Opera or FireFox. You don't have to use IE to manage the router.

Make sure your LAN address settings are set for auto obtain IP address in the PC networking properties.
Make sure the PC is getting an IP address from the router if it's still working. It should be a 192.168.0.something number, there should be a subnet mask and a gateway IP address as well.
Let us know.

yea, I'm getting an ip address from the router
but when I enter the router IP in internet explorer, i get 200 200 OK Server:UbiCEL   Content-Lenght:11362  on the first line while waiting a good amount of time, it load the user and password part but the top image is missing.  When i wait for it to actually finish loading a window pop up stating:
Not all of the needed components have been loaded, this page will refresh.
And I must click OK. and I will wait again and it will continue this loop. Since the router been reset, when I clicked on Login, I get this window and it states:
The network connection seems to be down. Press "OK" to try again.
so it just a big loop.

I also try it in firefox and I get a window stating:
You have chosen to open "blank" which is a: application/octet-stream from:
What should Firefox do with this file?
Open with  (Browse....)
Save File
so, i don't know what to do at this point.

I also try safari and get the same event as internet explorer

Hmm..and your directly connected to the router over a wired cable right? Make sure the cable is good?

Seems like this is reproducible over different browsers. What OS platform are you using? Windows or Mac or Linux? Any PC firewall or anti virus software running?

Do you have access to another computer that you can try?

If we could get to the routers page and logged in, Id say reload FW or update however seems like we can get that far. Makes me wonder when the 1st power supply went down, wonder if it effected the router too. Hope not. How long have you had the router? Might check on RMA.

yea, I'm directly connect to router and the cable is good.
My laptop have windows 7 64bit which i did the series of browsers test. McAfee Internet Security Suite is enable and seen like McAfee is in control of window firewall.
I also have a desktop computer with window XP pro 32bit and I get the same symptoms as the laptop with avira antivirus software and with window firewall enable.
I had the router for several years now, so warranty is over.

Yea that what I'm thinking also that when the power supply fail, it affecting the fireware/software in the router somehow.

Been thinking if there a way to force a firmware to be reloaded into the router without logging in.

maybe if i have the link of the firmware http where you could upload the firmware, maybe I can trip the fireware to be uploaded without logging in.


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