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Remote Desktop does not work!


Today I replaced a Netgear WNR854T with a D-Link DIR-655.

Unfortuantely Windows Remote Desktop does not work. Neither the computer name nor the IP address works: I always get a "This computer can't connect to the remote computer" message. Note that I try to connect to several computers in my LAN. The Netgear (using the same settings) works perfectly.

Can anybody help?

I use remote desktop all the time through my 655 right out of the box.

Are you able to ping the other machine or otherwise establish some form of network connection (i.e. shared folder, shared printer, ftp, IIS?)

Are you computers set with Static IPs in a different subnet then the DHCP server? Possible that you are subnetting your network by having a few computers DHCP and the rest static?

Check the IP config of each computer on your network, make sure you can ping every client.

These were the right hints: I set the IP address through the "DHCP Reservations List" and did not reboot afterwards - so the IP was not set on my computers. I noticed this when I tried to ping the IP (thanks!).

After rebooting it pinged ok and RDP works!

Thanks for your help!


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