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Author Topic: Everything works except DHCP...  (Read 5342 times)


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Everything works except DHCP...
« on: December 14, 2008, 12:43:24 AM »

Generally speaking, this switch has no problems, except for a simple annoying issue--DHCP does not work between the ports on this switch, or when the dhcp server is on another hub/switch.  Being that this network also has an SMC smart switch on it, I assumed that the two were simply battling out who controls Vlan 01 (which, by the way, we don't use VLANs at this point, so everything is untagged), but after a week of playing games, I finally unplugged everything from the equipment this weekend, and hooked up just the bare necessities to the network.  This includes:

1 server that provides DHCP for our entire
1 gateway/router/firewall
1 POE phone (grandstream)
1 XP workstation.
1 DES-1228P with firmware version 1.30.15 (D-link's ftp only shows 1.30.13 as current)
1 old pos 24 port 10base hub.

Here's the issue and subsequent trials:

If I plug the phone into port 1, gateway 2, server 3, workstation 4, the following occurs:

Everything works, if I static IP each device.  If I dhcp the phone, nothing happens (says "network starting" forever).  If I dhcp the XP workstation, I end up with a 169. address (no network found).  Yet, if I static both of these devices, everything works great.

Now, I dhcp both the workstation and phone, and link the DES-1228P (Port 28) with the 10base hub (port 24), and the very same thing happens.  reset to static--everything works.

I reset the workstation and phone to DHCP (again), then simply unplug the server (the one with the DHCP server on it) into the 10base hub.  Both phone and workstation get IP's within 10 seconds.

I then unplug the workstation and phone from the 10 base hub, and put them back into the DES-1228p.  No dice--no ips.  But again, if I set everything static, all is well.

I've sniffed the hell out of the network from the workstation, and it's simple---something about the DES-1228p is blocking dhcp traffic.  I doubt it's a malformed packet issue--I genuinely feel that the D-link is filtering out DHCP requests both internally and externally.

Now--to throw another bone in the yard--the SMC similarly had the same problem out of the box, but in the web interface, there was a section CALLED "ip filter", where DHCP servers could be enabled.  I either lack the knowledge to find this setting in the D-link's web interface, or need some other option or experience.

This is of course frustrating, because it either forces me to hard code all of the voip phones (for very silly reasons) or somehow find another POE switch.  The latter is not an option I'd care for, since this switch is very cheap compared to others, and simply provides us the POE that is lacking (and not necessary) for anything other than our VOIP phones.

Hoping this is simple and someone can admonish me for my stupidity,



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Re: Everything works except DHCP...
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2008, 09:13:42 AM »

Please call BCS Support at 1 877 354 6555.  We should be able to walk you through this in a jiff.
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