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Author Topic: DNS-323 - soooo slow--- with PowerBook G4..help  (Read 2471 times)


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DNS-323 - soooo slow--- with PowerBook G4..help
« on: December 09, 2008, 11:25:34 AM »

Good Morning to all,

This is my story... I just bought the DNS-323 a few days ago.. I set up corretly following dlink instructions..i guess!!!

However, the streamin speed is quite slowww.. this is my configuration..

iTunes 8 for mac.
powerbook G4 old i know>!!!
DNS 323 - 1 HD - Western digital - 500GB ...

I mapped the DNs 323 to the powerbook and configure iTunes to it.. so the main library is the DNS but over the air..or wireless..

Except when i play a song take 5 to 8 second to play and it crashes a lot... Mac os X 10.5.4 -- LEOPARD..

same when play the next song take another 5  to 6 second..

so i'm about to returned and go wired (external HD) but i found this web site ...you guys can probably help me..

I was thinking to buy more computer memory because (i have) 1.5 buy another 1 gb and USB wireless N ...  but I don't know yet..

please help me HeLP>>> thank you so much ...

one more thing-

I have DIR-655 and verizon FIOS

should I buy CAT6 to improve the network performance?

Please help .. today is the last day to decide.. whether i keep it or returned..

once again thank you so much!