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Author Topic: Firmware 1.02 bug and a couple annoyances  (Read 3122 times)


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Firmware 1.02 bug and a couple annoyances
« on: December 30, 2008, 05:16:42 AM »

I just purchased a DNS-343 for Christmas.  I have found its feature set to be more complete than the DNS-323.  After dealing with UPS configuration issues on other NAS devices, I really appreciate the ease with which the DNS-343 detects and configures itself to properly use a wide range of UPS devices.

I have, however, noticed a bug in the user/group management portion of the firmware.  It appears that I am unable to access shares on the DNS-343 when the read-write permissions are given to a created group called "users" into which I have assigned user accounts.

Once a folder is assigned to the group "users," I receive a net use error of "incorrect password" when mapping a drive from a script or the command line to that DNS-343 share. 

If I delete the group users and create a new group named anything else --I chose netusers, then I can give a DNS-343 share read write access to the new group and get everything to map to a windows drive correctly.

This looks to me like there is already a hidden Samba group called users created in the firmware.  I suggest either eliminating this hidden group or adding an error message to the web gui stating that the group name "users" is reserved.

Finally, I have two annoyances about the DNS-343.  First, I do not like the fact that the downloadable configuration file is no longer clear text.  I have found the text editable file on the DNS-323 to be helpful for understanding some of that devices quirks and for changing some hidden settings.  Second, I would seriously like the ability to change the Samba security level from "share" to "user."  With the text editable DNS-323 configuration file I was able to do this simply with a text editor.  Since the DNS-343's configuration file is not clear text, I would appreciate the inclusion of an option to do this from the web gui.

All in all, I am pretty impressed with the DNS-343 with firmware 1.02 so far, with the exceptions listed above.  Thanks for creating a very easy to use and helpful product D-Link.