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lost of connection with IP Cameras


Hi,,,, I have 8 DCS-5220 SW~B2 and 4 DCS-2120 SW~A1 ..... So I tried to test them using wireless connection in one room before fixing them in there designated places. The result is that sometimes one or more ....... maybe 4 or 5 cameras are disconnected. More of that it took more than 2 minutes for these cameras to be reconnected...??? (I have used both IP surveillance and the D-ViewCam).

Perhaps you could explain exactly what the problem you are experiencing is, and also provide some addtitional detail ...

You mention setting the cameras up wirelessly to test them - that doesn't tell us anything about how they are connected now - and if we are to presume wireless, then they will be subject to all the quirks of any wireless network device - the environment in which they are installed plays a major part on how well they work, interference from other wireless networks, from cordless phones, microwave ovens, toys, baby monitors - attenuation caused by walls (and if any of them are externally mounted - foil backed insulation may be an issue).

Thanks & sorry for being late. I've programed these cameras to work with router DIR-400 & with DWL-G700AP as repeaters. uPnP features is activated .Also using security WPA-PSK ,RTSP IS OFF , VIDEO 640x480 AUDIO 32Kbps. while using IP surveillance all the cameras are working and can be monitored but randomly some of the cameras get disconnected for a while. It could be seen at same time in My Network Places (uPnP) that they are disconnected from the network.
8 -DCS-5220  H/W B2G - S/W 1.04
3 -DCS-2120  H/W A1   - S/W 1/03
I am using (DNS-323) for recording video.

I had similar problems with 2100AP and the 3220 using it to interface to a wireless network. The cause I found is the wireless network resets that seem to happen on the routers they were using. Worst one for doing it was the microsoft router and best was a DLink. Didn't try them on a Netgear. 2 out of the 4 cameras were doing it and they were the ones on wireless. I moved all the cameras to wired connections and the problem went away. Might be something to do with the time the SSID is broadcast to the network.

The problem is most likely interference - wireless networks are subject to interference from many potential sources - literally anything operating on the 2.4 GHz ISM bands - other wireless networks, surveillance cameras (not necessarily ip cameras), cordless phones, baby monitors, video game consoles, remote control toys - and probably a few more that I can't remember off the top of my head.


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