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25% of wireless errors...



I replaced my old Linksys wireless G by a DIR-855 with 1.11EU firmware but with this one I've got about 25% of wireless errors in the 2.4Ghz range (I don't have any 5Ghz device yet) whatever I connect to... I have a PS3, 2 PSP, a Freecom MusicPal and a Nabaztag.tag...

First I tried to limit the router to only G wireless mode but it still the same, about 25% of error... I tried with only 1 device connected (PS3 or Freecom) and always 25% of errors...

I tried about every Wireless mode (Mixed and non mixed)

I'm in WPA-Personal WPA mode auto TKIP & AES (I tried every mode with the same results)

The only thing I didn' changed is the Advanced Wireless...

The beacon = 100
RTS = 2346
Fragmentation = 2346
DTIM = 1
WLAN Partition = Off
WMM = On
Short GI enabled...

So do you have any idea or do I have to consider it defect? :=)

PS: I juste updated to 1.12B12 found on but it changed nothing on this issue...

The strangest thing is that I get errors even without any client connected...

Wireless Statistics 2.4GHz Band
Sent :144
TX Packets Dropped :0
Received :0
RX Packets Dropped :0
Errors :21

Personally i would go and return it to shop on warranty. Errors are errors. I've got linksys that when i connect to it via cable or sitting next to the router via wifi it has 300ms+. So have to return it for repair :) So should you

I have the Same issues ... but only when i connect IPad/ITouch

Scan for busy channels. You may have interference...


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