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Faster speeds with older firmware

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The fast firmware for the DIR-655 is the 1.02. The Intel certified and Draft 2.0 firmware is slower by design and neighborhood friendly (read slower) when other wireless products are with in range.

You must have 1.01 firmware on your router to upgrade to 1.02. If you already upgraded your firmware to have certified versions then down grade to 1.02 at your own risk.

The 1.02 is a very nice firmware. It is stable and many customers are happy with it.
The newer 1.03 and 1.04 are nice as well if you are interested in the Draft N 2.0 and the WiFi compliance. It is nice to have options.

I use 1.02 at my home as well.  best firmware for 655 to date   ;D

Any way to test if you have neighbor interference issues and aren't getting full speed with 1.03/1.04?

What are the speeds you're currently achieving?  What is your pipe coming in?  What type of connection?


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