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Author Topic: 1.13 Offical FW Bugs  (Read 4635 times)


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1.13 Offical FW Bugs
« on: October 02, 2008, 12:27:41 AM »

Hi Lycan,

I flashed to the 1.13 FW earlier today.  And have noticed a lot of issues so far.  It's really less stable than 1.12.  But I'm tired of flashing back and forth.

Here's what I've noticed:
1)Port Forwarding still does NOT work.  Certain applications are broken. 
(I use port and address restricted for my SPI Firewall for both TCP and UDP)
IE Steam does not work, and completely refuses the connection, while Warcraft 3 seems to work well.

2)Wireless has degraded severely.  My iPhone which has the 2.1 update now receives a lot of de-authentications. 

2a) When running mixed mode both N and G (has to be a default 2.4 GHz band), and manually select a channel and auto width it will set a secondary channel, and 40 Hz width.  The channel numbers are 4 numbers apart.  IE, I set it manually for channel 11, secondary channel will end up being channel 7.

2b) Wireless streaming from my wired desktop to my MacBook Pro has been horrible with these firmwares.  Approximately 4 feet away, and the signal drops, or the video stops streaming, or file transfers error out.  (Does not receive de-authentication)

2c) Wireless N is horrible.  Does not connect at 300 Mbps or anywhere near that for my MBP.  Even under those conditions in that sticky.  Max it says is 130 Mbps, but router claims it's 52, and 78 tops.  (Any help on getting this to reach higher so the video has a huge buffer and can stream faster?  Since I stream some 1080p stuff)

2d) Intel Pro Wireless 2200BG still cannot connect at all with any encryption period.  Without it, it's fine.

2e) Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG received 1 deauthentication, and wireless signal varies greatly from ~4FT. away.

3) After updating to firmware, manually inputting the settings again, caused horrible ping spikes while I'm trying to host games via Warcraft 3.  (router did NOT restart or anything and gamefuel is on, and manually set for 1024, and Cable Internet)

4) It would be nice if the current usage in the OLED would display proper numbers.  IE, Inbound and Outbound bandwidth via wired, wireless, or LAN, etc.  If uploading, it would stay at 0 Kbps, while download would say 1550 Kbps, and then drop back down to 0.

Any response to this would be great. 

You still haven't contacted me at all regarding what you needed my serial number for, or what is going to happen with that.

If you want a copy of my gateway settings, let me know.
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Re: 1.13 Offical FW Bugs
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2008, 06:35:31 AM »

In some cases getting the s/n # from people is to sometimes see if itís a certain batch of hardware that may have a problem. This of course may not be the case.


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Re: 1.13 Offical FW Bugs
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2008, 06:37:15 AM »

Well since 1.12 steam port forwarding hasn't worked for me is I use their preconfigured rules.  If I create my own game rule, which I did for my pc then steam works fine.  This is not how 1.02 behaved.

I started thinking about it and now believe that my router has never handled rtsp properly even with the 1.02 firmware.  I've been complaining about http://www.livenewscameras.com/map.html when it was the hurricane coverage page.  Now that they've taken down that page and reverted to a normal news site I can load it with IE7 and not crash the router.  It still doesn't explain why firefox and google chrome would load it w/o issue but IE7 would crash the router.

I still like my router but would like for it to function properly under all conditions.  I'm also still waiting to find out why my sn was needed.


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Re: 1.13 Offical FW Bugs
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2008, 08:30:02 AM »

If two other web browsers had no problems viewing the page, the problem could have been with IE. Not saying it wasnít the router you have. But others were able to load the page and not get that same outcome.

Most companyís technical support will ask for the products serial number. This is not something only dlink does. One reason is to see if a certain batch of hardware may be having more/different issues than another with certain software.


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Re: 1.13 Offical FW Bugs
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2008, 02:15:26 PM »

What happens if you move your MacBook Pro a few feet away from the router?  Sometimes there can be a "bubble of interference" when you're than close.