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DIR-855 keeps dropping wireless connection!


Since a week or so my D-Link DIR-855 is unable to maintain it's wireless connection!

It disconnects every minute or so and I am unable to stay connected.
This doesn't seem to happen when I set my IP to Dynamic, but on Static IP it doesn't seem to work at all.

I am now connected wirelessly to the internet via a second router wired to the D-Link.
As far I know, there are no issue's with the wired connection, other then that when hooked up straight to the modem my connection is around 94,96Mbps downpload and 76,45Mbps upload and with this D-Link DIR-855 the connection is around 70Mbps download and 46Mbps upload.

I tried updating to two firmware version, first I upgraded to the 1.21EU, still same problem and now I am on the 1.23WWB05 and the problem is STILL there!

My ping and jitter just go through the roof every few seconds!

How can I get things working again normally?

Thanks in advance,

Did you try to scan busy channels (for example by xirrus wi-fi inspector) and set manualy free channel?


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