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VLAN configuration on DGS-1224T

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I have two DGS-1224T switches. I have VLANs on both. All ports are labeled as untagged. the switches are connected together on port 24 on each. I want VLANs on one switch to carry over to the other switch, that is - I don't want a system on a port labeled as VLAN 2 on switch A to be able to access anything except those ports labeled as VLAN 2 on switch B. Whenever I try tagging anything those ports become unresponsive (essentially disabled). In addition, switch A is connected to our backbone network. I do NOT want any VLAN tags going out to the backbone.

How can I configure the switch to do what I want?

I would take a look at your previous attempt, it was correct.  Simply tag the ports you with to connect the switches with on all applicable VLANs.

Without tagging the ports connecting the two Dlinks we are also having problems getting a client box connected to switch B to boot from a server on switch A. Both client and server are on the same VLAN, although on different DLinks.
The line between the two Dlinks is in Vlans 1 (mgmt), 2 and 3 on both switches. Both switches have VLAN1 set in the Port VID setting table for that port.

I hate to say this, but you would probably be best served by calling into our BCS Support line at 1 877 354 6555.  They can walk you through this config in a jif.

hi all,

i might be asking the same question but anyhow i have no choice here now, could anybody help me on this,im using dgs 1224 t as backbone and 2 switch des 3026 and dgs 3024 for fiber module.Im reaching 200 user now and its killing me now,could anyone show how to configure VLAN from scratch as i need to have 2 different segmentation..

thanking in advance..


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