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Live365 internet radio does not allow me to login.

Error message: Login failure...Login name and pw is correct and I can login into the web site on a PC.  Do I need to be a VIP to be able to login????

Do I need to open any ports on the router (DIR-655)????

Is this because the internet connection on the DSM750 shows disconnected????



I've never been able to make live365 play for a very long time.  There are ads (I assume) unless you are a VIP member.  In any case, there always seems to be some sort of announcement about the advantages of a VIP membership.

To be honest, I would recommend Radio Time, which really seems to work quite well with Media Center and the 750 as an extender. The radio stations maintained by this site are always free of charge.

Check it out at:


Yes KFord666 Im afraid it looks like this is due to the wireless issue and the Disconnected message in the Network settings.


Can the network issue in wireless mode be fixed or not????


We are working to resolve this issue, I am very sorry for the inconvenience.

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