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New Beta is loaded, had to restore configuration file .

No issues so far.


Thanks for setting up this thread....Wasn't sure where to post feedback on the new v1.20 Beta

So far my only issue, as posted elsewhere, is the Schedule Editing issue.  When I tried to change the time on one of my schedules, it popped up an Invalid Time Error, which it shouldn't have done.

Network printing works fine for others had reported issues with the initial v1.20 release.


I am having the same problem with the new beta that I had with the release version that was pulled - printer sharing is horribly slow from a Vista client to the print server that is also running Vista.  XP clients print fine.  Reverting to 1.11 is also fine.  I hope that this bug is fixed before the final release of 1.20, because I really like the Guest Zone feature.

H.323 VOIP still broken

I've noticed two minor things-

#1-That MSXML 5.0 Active X notification message that doesn't work.
#2-Can't look at the logs-just get this message-"please wait! while logs are being received..."
for the last hour!!  :o


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