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New 1.35NA on DLink FTP site for A version Hardware

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just posting this here...refer to the main section for the link...  I installed it last nite..seems fine so far.

Never saw it beta tested tho....

The only change was the removal of Securespot.

Nothing else was changed, added or fixed.

WHAAATT???!!  I haven't been frequenting this forum lately... has my dream (of a non-Securespot spoiled release of firmware) finally come true?

Yes, download it from the ftp or the mainDLink support site.

Even better, D-Link has ended support for Securespot and they have posted an End-of-Life notice for it. I have upgraded my router and it hasn't worked this well since FW 1.21!

This is one of the better decisions that D-Link has made in a very long time. I'm sure it has caused them many more headaches than it has any one individual person., but either way I am very happy to see it go.


ANNOUNCEMENT: SECURESPOT® END OF SALE, END OF LIFE SECURESPOT® has been a successful family security service that was made available on certain D-Link products. To introduce next generation security products, the SECURESPOT service has been discontinued and placed in End of Life status as of January 1, 2011. Therefore, owners of D-Link DIR-655, DIR-628 with SECURESPOT or the DSD-150 Internet Security Adapter will no longer be able to use the SECURESPOT service.

All customers should update their product firmware by visiting the product page for their specific product at or

Computer security is a big concern today. If you wish to maintain the same level of protection for your family or home office PCs/network we suggest the Bsecure CloudCare® Internet Filter. This product provides many of the same features and options that were found in the SECURESPOT service, plus many more next generation features such as a Summary Reporting screen, Social Networking Protection, Whole Home Filtering that protects any device with a browser such as smart phones and game stations, and more. Find out more at the following link, or visit


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