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DIR-615 in AP mode, with DHCP from other router

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Yes, but is your all-in-one server, also a DHCP server? You did not state this in your answer.
Remember, if you are using your DIR-615 as an AP, you are effectively converting it to a switch but using your wireless setup on the DIR-615 to make a connection through DIR-615 to the DHCP server. You would set a fixed ip address on your DIR-615 to be on the same network that your DHCP server. Also, disable DHCP on the DIR-615, so that it is just a pass through switch (also it avoid ip conflicts.)

YES, my Internet server is DHCP service enabled.  It is my firewall which is doing DHCP for my LAN PCs.

I refer you back to my original post!  When I followed the settings to "Connect to another router" (as per the user guide) the wireless adaptor (DWA-130) never got an IP address ( but got an auto-IP address from XP ( 

Is there something I missed?

You might want to try disabling the DNS relay function on the DIR-615, its found on the same screen where you can change the LAN IP and disable the DHCP server.

I was having a similar issue. I typically setup my wireless network with no security and then limit the access to the known MAC addresses of any device that i want allowed to attach. So i tried turning on security mode (it didn't seem to matter which mode) and the access point started working. Might be worth a try if you have not turned on a security mode.


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