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[SOLVED] DGS-1210-24 vlan trunk



Has anyone been able to successfully create vlan trunk (not port trunk) on DGS-1210 series? Here's my configuration:

Port 1 --> vlan 1 (management vlan) untagged --> to router
Port 6 --> vlan 10 tagged --> to computer

When I tried to ping the computer from my router (tagged on vlan 10), it's failed. FYI, I use mikrotik as my router. Firmware is v2.00.011.

Any help would be appreciated :)

Solved. Found a clue here http://blog.dlink.co.id/2010/04/d-link-managed-switches-bisa-ngomong.html
The blog is Indonesian. Just use google translator if you're confused ^^

Hi. i am trying to setup vlan trunk. How can i do it ?
switch dlink dgs 1210-10p
thank you

Hi, I have the same problem, the link of answerd is broken.  :'(. I have DES-1210 and configuration VLAN, my objetive is pass two or more vlan (Trunk vlan) for the port 48. I have connected with my switch DGS 1510 and donīt work.


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