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Author Topic: Where can I get firmware 1.09?  (Read 3402 times)


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Where can I get firmware 1.09?
« on: October 09, 2014, 11:33:51 AM »

Can anyone provide me with the 1.09 firmware?

D-Link's URL has been removed, and any other reliable links I can find out there, point back to the removed D-link URL/file.

I can find this one for 1.08 on D-Link's australia site, that's the best I can do.



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Re: Where can I get firmware 1.09?
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2014, 11:41:11 AM »

v1.09 may have been pulled for operational reasons.

What Rev is your DNS?
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Re: Where can I get firmware 1.09?
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2014, 04:58:11 PM »

For my North America B:

Quote from: furrynutz
Please dont post links to non official sites for FW sources.

Unfortunately I can't post the links even though DLink doesn't make older versions available any more.
As you can see from the release notes though, the only thing added in v1.09 was the cterra backup which is no longer valid anyway.

Code: [Select]
aDNS-323 Release Note

Version Date Item
-------- ------------ ----------------------------------------------------
v1.07 03/29/2009 1.Support Hitachi 1TB HDT721010SLA360 1TB HDD.
2.Support Eon Flash.
3.BugFix : Samba Quota invalid in Windows.
v1.08b01 05/15/2009 1.Support Scandisk.
2.Extends the Sender's address limitation to 63 chars.
3.Support System Logging/FTP Logging.
4.Support Widget.
5.FTP Server support Hebrew codepage.
6.Support EXT3.
7.User can assign shared folder of storing BT's torrents.
8.Email Alert :Send email when rebuild is done.
9.Email Alert : Send email when detect the degrade mode.
10.Capable of sending logs by email.
11.Support Apkg : new applications can be modulized and be installed to disk.
12.Add email notification when BT is done downloading.
13.Save Quota settting to Configuration file.
14.FTP Server supports FXP.
15."UPnP AV support wav streaming to XBox 360, PS3, DSM-520, DSM-510 and etc.".
16.Support Bonjour.
17.FTP Server : unable to work by using other port than 21 no matter with or without SSL/TLS.
18.Unable to send out an email with some authenticated mail server.
19."iTunes Server is capable of update more than 50,000 songs".
20.Display BT download status on Widget.
21.BT can be uninstalled if it is installed via Apkg.
22.Changes DST GUI design.
23.Disk formatting counter imprecise and always hanged at 94% issue.
24.Disk formatting error code returned capability.
25.Ability to specify Passive port ranges for FTP.
26.The ability to set the FTP server to ONLY accept SSL/TLS connections and reject regular non-authenticated connections.
27.Ability to control the devices LED status of On or Off. Some users are complaining about the brightness of the BLUE LED when the device is placed in their home.
28."Add the possibility to turn off the hard drive after more than 30 minutes (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.) in Power Management Settings".
29.The ability to manually configure your SMTP mail server port. ISPˇ¦s are no longer using port 25 and are now using unique ports. Also should be able to select authenticated for authenticated mail servers.
30."Shut off fan at desired temp (ability to check always on low, Add always on )".
32."Remove URL length limit (very often I can't download things because URL is longer than 120 chars, or example I couldn't download WinXP SP3 from Microsoft via DNS-323) : extends to 235 chars"
33.Ajax Download bar similar to BT Page(no refresh required).
34."Support for: OGG, FLAC, MKV, APE, IFO, ISO, AAC, DIVX, M4A".
35.UPnP AV needs to be able to handle space's in file names.
36.UPnP AV needs to be able to handle long file names.
37."Ability to stream m2ts, .iso files".
38.UPnP AV : If it runs across a Corrupt file then it just skip's it instead of stopping the scan all together.
39."More Indepth Network information on status page, (Current Rx/Tx, Day/Week/Month etc., Device Uptime)".
40.Support NFS Server.
41.Support 2TB HDD.
42.Samba Share mode and User mode auto switching to fix Vista login issue.
43.Support Auto Power Recovery(For HW C1 only).
44."Replace existing iTunes server (mt-daapd) with new released software, Firefly" by Apkg.
45.Incremental Backup setting gone while checking on Edit page.
46.Display invalid quota value in Windows.
47."When SMTP server set to Hinet, it failed to work when email account has dot.".
48.Email Alert counter delayed for 1mins.
49.Invalid Username crashing web server.
50."DDNS: Different providers support.(Add no-ip) (check with router guys, identical implementation)".
v1.08b02 06/24/2009 1. Bugfix : Scan Disk Fails to scan - http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=5506.0.
2. Bugfix : BT Settings page will not show when using firefox/chrome - http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=5533.0.
3. Bugfix : UPNP AV Server is not serving Mp4 files - > http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=5587.0.
4. Bugfix : Scheduled downloads re-occuring backup is not working - http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=5536.0.
5. Bugfix : BT save location does not appear to work - http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=5528.0.
6. Bugfix : Passive port range is not restricted to 5 digits or numbers below port cap - http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=5627.0.
7. Bugfix : After setting the download schedule, the setting will gone if plugging-off the power cable directly.
8.Update help file on GUI for the below items:
8.1 FTP Server->Passive Mode,SSL/TSL.
8.2 Time->Daylight Saving Dates(DST Start,DST End).
8.3 System->Power LED CONTROL.
9. GUI has the ability to enable HTTPS (SSL) access only instead of allowing HTTP/S access by default.
v1.08b03 07/13/2009 1.Modify : All accounts checkbox sometimes does not show on UI - http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=5561.0.
2.Bugfix : NAS becomes unresponsive when NFS is enabled for a few hours - http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=5582.0
3.Normal to Raid1 : create a new volume for the remaining disk space.
v1.08b04 07/15/2009 1.Normal to Raid1 : revised RAID migration warnning message because of we are able to create a new volume for the remaining disk space.
2.PHYSICAL DISK INFO : show "L"--Left or "R"--Right instead of "1" or "2".
v1.08b05 08/04/2009 1.Normal to Raid1 : fixed some wrong wordings.
2.Show wrong Raid mode info in GUI when migrate from an older f/w to v1.08.
3.Removing the NFS server support due to instability.
4.MD5SUM : 28efe47bf1af564b4f767e057c81660d  ==>   NAS202C_DLINKEu_DNS323.1.08b05(1.64.0804.2009)(BETA).zip
v1.08b06 08/27/2009 1.Add NFS server support.
2."All accounts" remain exists when switching from "Share/Open" mode to "User/Account" mode.
3. MD5 Checksum : dbfa4cf0dd6b185c72c15ca5b2d3438a  ==>  NAS202C_DLINKEu_DNS323.1.08b06(1.65.0827.2009)(BETA).zip
v1.08b07 10/08/2009 1. Bugfix : Unable to save the modified word/excel file which already in device through Samba.
2. Bugfix : Normal to Raid1 : create a new volume for the remaining disk space.
3. MD5 Checksum : f9851fff727500d12d414ad5997e517c  ==>  NAS202C_DLINKEu_DNS323.1.08b07(1.66.1008.2009)(BETA).zip
v1.08b08 11/25/2009 1. Fixed add-on security bug : blocking for unauthorized user to upload or remove any add-ons.
v1.08b09 12/18/2009 1. Bugfix : when upgrading from a older f/w to the latest v1.08 f/w, the FAN run in high speed continually.
v1.09b01 02/10/2010 1. Support CTera Online Backup.
v1.10b01 05/28/2010 1. Replace upnp av server with Rovi media server.
2. Bugfix : BT causing web crashed issue.
09/16/2010 1. AutoIP bugFix : unable to get ip if Lan cable is disconnected during device power up and plug-in after power cycle finished.
11/16/2010 1. Replace unpnp av server back to our own server which is already passed DLNA v1.5 certification.
2. No password is needed under Vista/Win7 in Open Mode.
3. Bugfix : after refreshing the "Schedule Download" page, some of the tasks will be deleted occasionally.
4. Extend the accessible file and folder of FTP server from 2000 to 10,000.
v1.10b02 01/14/2011 1. Bugfix : usb hotplug unable to work after upgrade busybox version to v1.11.2.
2. Bonjour is built-in.
3. Support AutoIP.
v1.10b03 01/27/2011 1. Failed to access Volume_1/Volume_2 when upgrading f/w from v1.09 to v1.10.
2. FAN failed to rotate when upgrading f/w from v1.09 to v.1.10.
3. Start to rebuild automatically in Normal to Raid1 migration even "Auto Rebuild" is not being set by user.
v1.10b04 01/24/2011 1. Specific f/w for Technical Support.
v1.10b05 03/01/2011 1. Support Advanced Format disk.
2. Bugfix : "Auto-Rebuild" will always being enabled no matter disabled or enabled "Auto-Rebuild".
3. Bugfix : Enabling "Auto-Rebuild" will cause Volume_2 failed to be mounted sometimes.
v1.10b06 03/04/2011 1. Change the Advanced Format popup message slightly for formatting. On the last
     sentence we need to change "click Next" to click "OK" and then add, "or click Cancel
     to stop the formatting process."
2. Auto rebuild will be performed immediately when migrating from Normal to Raid1 to
    ensure data integrity no matter "Auto Rebuild" is being disabled or enabled due to
    "Auto Rebuild" setting is only apply to Raid1 degraded mode.
v1.10b07 04/06/2011 1. "Reconfigure to Raid1" not worked with some brand of disk with same size and same model name.
2. While in standalone mode, the existing Volume is not allowed to perform scandisk when a new disk being inserted
     without formatting.

On a positive note, I replaced a failing Seagate drive with a pair of 2TB WD Red drives this week without any issues. I brifly considered getting the DNS-345 (on sale) so that I could go to 4TB drives, but ended up not wanting to spend more than I had too. (2TB WD Red were only $99 Cdn each) This gave me 3 identically configured DNS-323's with 2x2TB each for 12TB total.
« Last Edit: October 09, 2014, 06:48:47 PM by dosborne »
3 x DNS-323 with 2 x 2TB WD Drives each for a total of 12 TB Storage and Backup. Running DLink Firmware v1.08 and Fonz Fun Plug (FFP) v0.5 for improved software support.


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Re: Where can I get firmware 1.09?
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2014, 06:59:07 AM »

You can PM each other and set up something privately if needed via email.  ;)
"Nothing Funny about It...." We are not here to Impress anyone! You have a be a COMPETENT user first to under stand COMPETENT help!