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What does port-forwarding really do for Xbox 360?


I'm wondering what does port-forwarding really do? Because some people say it increase your speed and some people say is for security reason like your firewall from your router. I'm just wondering because my Xbox 360 on Upnp and my nat is open with Upnp on my Xbox 360. So does port-forwarding really matters for speed or not?

They are just ports to were your Xbox360 sends information lets say like a cell phone number were you call to get connected and receive calls. That's all it does. As for speed depends if you have the port open you will have a better connection than those who have it disable since they will experience issues connecting and staying connected.


I remember having my xbox using the Gaming (Port Forwarding) rule. Thats when I had a single xbox. Having to, you can only port forward the one port for XBL to a single console. When my buddy was trying to get his going, we couldn't figure out why the 2nd xbox wouldn't sign in correctly while the other one had the port forwarded to it. We figured out that we had to remove the gaming rule for XBL and use Gamefuel to set up multiple consoles to the XBL port. I supposed you could use gaming if you only had one console and it would work. I think it will work with Gamefuel on as well if it's set up...Let us know how you have it or what you find that works well for a single xbox.

Yea I understand. I'm good with Upnp because is open nat for my xbox 360, so port forwarding make any difference or not with speed.

Honestly I couldn't tell you since I have 2 xboxes now...Give it a try and let us know what you find out. Would be interested to know if you seen any differences...


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