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Author Topic: prevent broadcast beetween vlans  (Read 2183 times)


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prevent broadcast beetween vlans
« on: October 15, 2010, 01:48:54 PM »

Dear All,

I don't know much about Vlan and I am trying to configure my first attempt at my work place, so please forgive me is I sound clueless in my configuration. We are a school with lots of broadcast. A DGS-1224T works very well as our core switch, and after reading the example on the asymmetric Vlan configuration is the switch I have configured the switch with the following vlans:

01) I haven't touch the default vlan at all, so all the ports are members.

02)ports 1 and 3 are members

03) port 24 is a member

I have also made ports 9, 11,13,15,19 and 21 (where ours servers, services and internet router is connected) parts of the three vlans.

This configuration works very well and computers in each of the vlans can't see each other (can't ping to each other) which presumably will improve the traffic. However, when running wireshark on one of the vlans, it still detects the broadcast generated by the computers in the others vlans, and I have been told broadcast is bad for a network!

Shouldn't  the vlans prevent the broadcast among themselves? Should I tag ports to achieve this?
Thank you very much for any kind advice you can give me on this.