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My DSM-750 died (how I repaired it)

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After about 2 years of sterling service my DSM-750 died.

The symptoms:

If unplugged for a while and then plugged in it would display the initial Medialounge splash screen but go no further. The power light remained on, but the unit would not respond to the remote (ie try to turn it off with the remote and the power light remained on), Holding the power button for 4 seconds it would turn off, but then nothing (remote or power button) would turn it back on again unless you unplugged it for a few minutes. The reset button on the back had no effect that I could tell.

The solution:

As it was out of the 1 year warranty, I decided I had nothing to lose by opening the box and looking for any obvious problems. The power supply checked out (5v and 12V both OK) but I still suspected a power problem. I noticed another switch mode power regulator on the main board by the main graphics processing chip. This regulator uses a 1000uF 6.3V capacitor and the top of the capacitor was bulging suspiciously. I replaced the capacitor (the one I had lying around had a 16V rating but it's OK to use a higher voltaged rated capacitor).

I was relieved (to say the least) when I tested the player and it now worked correctly.

(Hopefully this post will be useful to others with the same problem and the ability to carry out the repair. Note that D-Link says there are no user serviceable parts inside, so choose wisely before opening the box).

Well, I'm now two for two.

My other DSM-750 stopped working - would not even put on the blue LED when told to power up by either the front panel switch or the remote.

Same problem. Replaced C109 and now it works. The failed capacitor is bulged, measures 7 ohms ESR and only 330uF (it's supposed to be 1000uF). The 1.2V supply had a nice ripple from 1.0 to 1.5V too.

I only have 2 DSM-750s, both failed in the same way. They were made 2 months apart (I read on QA stamp as 06-2008 and the other as 08-2008. Obviously there is a problem here. I doubt D-link cares as they no longer make this product (and Microsoft seems to no longer promote media center extenders either).

D-Link if you care and need more info PM me

Good diagnostic work. I find it incredulous that the same consumer purchased two of the same units, both of which suffered from an identical physical hardware failure. This DSM model was either improperly burn-in tested, poorly engineered, was not made to last, or both units were manufactured in the same lot using a faulty batch of capacitors (unlikely, based on the two month manufacturing spread). In either case, there's a clear lack of QA/QC testing.

Looks like I got the same problem.

The unit started rebooting itself, now it just hangs on the splash screen.

Pulled it open, and there it is a bulging capacitor, Although on mine it is C119.  I will post some pics of the offending cap to share.

I'm going to bring it into the office and attempt a solder job me-self.  I'm wondering if there are any other components (or caps) I should replace as long as I've got it open.  Also, I never use the wireless.  I was going to remove the wireless card, but it looks like they soldered it into the slot.....

My QC stamp was as follows: 2008  8 - 6

Good luck, and let us know if you can get your DSM up and running again. Unfortunately, D-Link discontinued the DSM-750 on June 2010, so any form of support is highly unlikely (D-Link has moved on to the Boxee Box).


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