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DIR-615, disable IPv6 stateless advertisement



I've had my DIR-615 up for several months, and it's been faultless except for one thing. I have router in front of it and only use the 615 as a switch and AP. My main router provides IPv6 access through a 6to4, using radvd to broadcast to the rest of the network.

Whatever setting I set the 615 to for IPv6, it always sends out a default route. On rare occasion, it'll interfere with the correct route from my main router (whose router preference is set to high, instead of medium). Even in local-only mode, the 615 sends out a default route. It's an E1 with the 5.00NA firmware, which I believe is the latest.

I'd really like to disable the advertisements from the 615 altogether, while keeping L2 IPv6 support on the wireless and all. I picked this router explicitly because many routers don't work with IPv6 over WiFi, but it'd be nice to get it working perfectly.

Any suggestions? If there aren't any ways to do this, is there a place that I can download the source for the firmware?

Thank you,

I also have a DIR-615 (hardware version C1, firmware 3.01) that is interfering with my IPv6 network.

I'd be happy to just find some configuration switch to lobotomize the whole network functionality and leave it as an access-point.  (I have another really dumb access point that delivers IPv6 just fine.)

Turning a router into an AP.

I'd tried stuff like that. For IPv4, I got it to work as an access-point just fine - but it was messing up my IPv6 networking by announcing a network prefix as if it was a router.

I ended up going to the DD WRT firmware (see ) as (for this particular unit) I didn't have a warranty anymore and I was seeking to extend my wireless network, not replace it.  Being out-of-warranty, the value of this device is about $20 on E-bay, and it isn't worth my time to fight with anymore.

The DD WRT firmware does just what I need (access-point only, no meddling with IPv6) - and as it's Linux under the hood, I *KNOW* I can fix it, as I'm already involved in a semi-private Linux distribution and I've done FreeBSD kernel hacking.  That *IS* worth my time, being squarely in my career field-of-interest.



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