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DWL-3200AP getting Deauth message with code reason 3


Hi guys,

I recently installed a DWL-3200AP using WPA2, with a mixed environment featuring WinXPPRO and Win7PRO machines.
The symptom is basically a very clear slow connection using the wireless interface. Lots of packaging losses are part of this problem. In addition, suddenly everything be strangely fine.
Pinging across the wired network interface, the ping statistics are fine, with no packet loss what made me believe I got something with the WIFI interface.
I was using the WPA and tried to use the WPA2 with no success. I also have upgraded the firmware to 2.55 version, with no success either.
The message I got in my log is:

<13> [WIRELESS]--Received Deauth: WLAN 1 11G STA 00:13:46:93:bc:cf reason code=3

Anyone had this problem? Any tips, idea or direction?

Thanks in advance guys!

Ricardo Zucolotto


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