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One-way communication on port



We have several Linux servers connected to our D-Link DES-1252 switches.

Occasionally, we will find we cannot SSH or Ping to a server. The activity light on the port blinks as normal but we cannot reach it.

The solution is to change ports, which instantly restores connectivity.

I reset the statistics on the D-Link and this is what the statistics on the port look like when the problem occurs:

OutOctets 0
OutUcastPkts 0
OutNUcastPkts 0
OutErrors 0
LateCollisions 0
ExcessiveCollisions 0
InternalMacTransmitErrors 0 RX
InOctets 466170
InUcastPkts 0
InNUcastPkts 7201
InDiscards 0
InErrors 0
FCSErrors 0
FrameTooLongs 0
InternalMacReceiveErrors 0

As you can see, nothing is being transmitted to the server.

Can anyone suggest why this may be happening?

duplex setting shown on the switch and server?

Duplex setting is Auto on the switch and forced at 100mbps on the Linux server.

If you lock down a full duplex setting on one side you must lock down a full duplex setting on the other side or you will get a duplex mismatch.  If you can only lock down on one side, you must use half duplex.  Try setting both sides to autonegotiate.

Ok, I'll give that a go.



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