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[RESOLVED] Filezilla Server Access via outside network

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Has anyone have an issue with configure FileZilla server and connecting to it via Public isp address. Locally I have it configured properly and it works okay, however, if im outside of my network I can't get access but when i run the FileZilla test it shows successful access in PASV mode.

I have also tried accessing the FZS server from a web browser such as FF and IE and i get a password and user id prompt, but am unable to access at all. I have disabled windows firewall comodo firewall, router firewall and have set port 21 to ip address of the machine. As well as going to ftptest.com !!!!

I am running out of ideas and going insane trying to get this to work successfuly.

If anyone have had this issue please, provide a fix for this or any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Is the server in the DMZ or did you setup port forwarding?


--- Quote from: Squirrel2 on August 27, 2010, 07:28:04 PM ---Is the server in the DMZ or did you setup port forwarding?

--- End quote ---

its working now, apparently after countless trials and error, i have got it working and ftptest.net shows it as successful.

Could you tell me what the trick was? I was using SimpleFTP and I was having some issues. Was using it to host game replies. (Shhh, don't tell my ISP, LOL). Some friends could access it, some couldnt. One thing I learned quick, Chrome can't do FTP and FF can't unless you have a ad-on for it.

Unfortunatly it seems that the only way to get FileZilla server to work outside of the network was to DMZ it. After I enabled it, it was a successful test from ftptest.net . Bad thing was when I re-enabled the firewall and disabled the DMZ, it still gives no access outside the network via http://ftptest.net . So it has to be a router issue. ??? ??? ??? but i will keep trying to see if there is any other way to do so. Any suggestions would be great.

Is there any other settings other than DMZ the PC that is the file server ?

PS. thanks for the reply.


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