• October 30, 2014, 11:09:03 PM
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Author Topic: No internet access, but can access router (Telus DSL Internet)  (Read 1820 times)


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I was wondering if someone can help me with my new router. I have a DI-624 but it's old and I thought I should update. I recently purchased the DI-615 and set it up with the instillation CD. I'm using Win 7. I can connect to the router but I have no internet access. I have gone through all the settings and I think I got them right but I must be missing something. I have read that Telus doesn't support Ipv6 and think that may be the problem, because in the status page it says no Ipv4 or Ipv6 connectivity, and I read it lol. However I don't know how to set up the Ipv6 settings correctly. I see 6 through 4 and Ipv6 tunnel Ipv4 or whatever but I have no idea what to choose. Anyways if anyone could help that would be awesome! Thanks.