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I am running the D-Link DIR-655 Router Firmware Version 1.11 with a D-Link DSL-2320B Modem Firmware Version 2900. My ISP is Qwest and had some problems with their equipment on the same issue before going out and getting my own equipment. The problem is an issue, I am absolutely sure of now, on thier end and not the equipment or could even be somewhere in the phone lines between there and here. I have spent hours talking to them on more then one occation and they alway try to blame the random cut outs on the equipment then when they were saticfied that it wasn't the equipment they then told me that there could be an issue with having to connect to the through PPoE. I am not too sure that there would be any difference at all since there equipment did the same thing and was connecting through PPoA. They insist that I need to connect using PPoA. And there inlies the problem. The Modem is able to do both but connected to the router, the only way that it will work is to set the modem up to be bridged (of course). So then it will be using all of the configurations from the router acting as one unit. The Router on the other hand will only connect using PPoE. There is no option for PPoA like my ISP wants. Is there any way that D-Link could Release a Firmware Update for the Router Adding in the option for PPoA or is there even an issue or major difference between the two since I am still able to connect and nothing is really different at all? Or should I just junk Qwest and go with the cable company (Comcast)

PPPoE stands for Point to Point protocol over Ethernet

PPPoA stands for Point to Point protocol over ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)

you would need a phone jack on the DRI-655 to dial PPPoA directly.  This is obviously never going to happen, however you should have no problem with dialing PPPoE to your modem who will dial PPPoA to get you to the internet.

Wikis for amusement below.

yeah, i knew what they stood for but I didn't know that I would have to have a phone line jack on the router to be able to dial PPoA. Thanks for the info. It would make perfect sence now why there is no possible way to get PPoA on the router. Weird thing is though, My ISP tells me that they show me connected as PPoE so if the Modem goes and Connects with PPoA with the ISP and PPoE with the router, How is it that Qwest saw me as PPoE?

Sorry if I was taking it a bit much from square one, I am hoping to point people who need to know information like that back here in the future as it is good information that some people don't have.

As for Qwest, hey can most likely log into your modem and check it's configuration remotely (this is pretty standard).

Or purchase a DSL-2320B Bridgable DSL pppoe/a modem. Works well with 655.


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