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Port forwarding doesn't work

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--- Quote from: SSVegeta on August 25, 2010, 03:17:38 PM ---Same problem here, Just one day to another the router stop forwarding the ports of Enable Remote Management no mater what port I put it's doesn't work.
I have two routers in my network and the problem that I found:
1. Lan to External IP with the port: doesn't work
2. Lan to External IP second router port: doesn't work
3. From another Network to External IP with the port: Work.
4. From another Network to External IP second router to the port: Doesn't work.

If I put the same port to another computer works ok.
If I put the IP of the second router in the DMZ is work ok also.

If I ping to any unused IP for example the ping respond.
Reply from Destination host unreachable.
When the IP is in use.

Why the address change?

All the other port is working fine.

Already reprogram the Firmware without success.

Hope some one can help my.


--- End quote ---

I can't get this to work either.  My setup sounds almost like yours with 2 routers, but router2 is behind the dlink dir-655.  hw rev B1, 2.11NA F/W.  Router2 is to only extend or whatever main router. is working just fine.

In fact, I can see in the "INTERNET SESSIONS" all my dlink cams phoning home to california, 52.8.x.x:443 and 54.193.x.x:443. BaMoh would be interested in that.

I do see this obscure entry in the log: notice May 29 23:35:11  client6_init: skip opening control port 

I'm not sure if that is related to my issues.

I dumped it in the DMZ as you suggested. I was able to access the DNR202L on the external IP :80

This is ridiculous. I unchecked the DMZ and rebooted the router, and I can still access the DNR202L on external port 80.
Another reboot appears to have blocked it from being the in DMZ.

Note: Placing a computer in the DMZ may expose that computer to a variety of security risks. Use of this option is only recommended as a last resort.

I give up. 3 hours wasted. This shouldn't be this difficult.

Lets make a new post since this is over 7 years ago.  ::)


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