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Author Topic: Complete Firmware Revision Info  (Read 1828 times)


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Complete Firmware Revision Info
« on: July 03, 2010, 11:30:01 PM »

I have seen alot of talk about different firmwares here, but not a whole lot of raw data. This version is junk, or that version is perfect, and some of it is less then scientific. But when I check the actual firmware revisions on D-link's support site, it seems incomplete, and I aim to correct that.

It would be helpful if we started with just knowing which entries are actually missing, and then we will work on adding the features that were added with those types.  Please post with any info you think is relevant and I will try to edit it until we have a complete set. Heres what Is available so far:

Firmware   1.22NA   1/28/2010
¤ Fixed: Correct HNAP issue.
¤ Fixed: DNS relay issue ( WAN Slowdown )
¤ Added: Advanced DNS descriptions

Firmware   1.21NA   7/29/2009
Revision Info:   
¤ Fixed: Configuring Access Control rules wirelessly cause router to reboot.
¤ Fixed: UPnP issue.
¤ Fixed: WINS Server field not be able to cleared by "Del" or "Back Space" key from Basic/Network in UI.
¤ Changed: CAPTCHA disabled by default. (Users can enable from UI if desired)

Firmware   1.20   5/11/2009
Revision Info:   Note: This firmware does not allow downgrading. Please read the release notes before upgrading.
¤ New SharePort support PC/Mac (Requires New Utility Installed on PC or Mac to work)
¤ Added CAPTCHA (Cryptographic Authentication)

Firmware: 1.20b12 (Beta)   05/01/08
Revision Info:
¤Fixed: Added Advanced DNS.
¤Fixed: Added Graphical Authentication.
¤Fixed: Wireless issue.
¤Fixed: Port Forwarding issue.

Firmware   1.15   11/10/2008
Revision Info:   
¤ Fix Univision OLED bug
¤ Remove Enhanced IGMP Proxy GUI
¤ Add Routing page describe
¤ Fix Port Forwarding issue.
Firmware   1.13   10/01/2008
Revision Info:   
¤ Added SharePort

Firmware   1.12   8/07/2008
Revision Info:   
¤ Fixed upgrade FW, lose mac address.
¤ Prevents downgrade to 1.02.
¤ Follow Wi-Fi Cerits. N only has HT40 mode.
¤ MAC Address Filtering Fix.
¤ Wireless Schedule ADD tab change to "Add Schedule"

Firmware   1.02   11/21/2007
Revision Info:   ¤ Updated OLED Display.
¤ Improved Overall Stability.
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