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DHCP Reservation vs. Static IP


I have a WLAN client configured to use static IP address. The DIR855 configuration page Setup -> Network Settings has a DHCP Reservation list where I have assigned this clients MAC address to a IP address. All works fine. But, if I understand this right it is a difference between DHCP Reservation and Static IP addresses. From the help page: "This is almost the same as when a device has a static IP address except that the device must still request an IP address from the D-Link router".

So, where in the router do I specify a static IP address for my WLAN client? (In addition I have a number of DHCP Reservations for other clients that I don't want to change).

In DHCP setup  you have an range of addresses defined, everything outside can be used for static IP as it won't be assigned by the router. You set the static IP on the client, not 855. You should keep a manual list of all devices and what IP you have assigned. If you set 2 or more devices with the same IP then you have an IP conflict. Hope it is clearer now?!



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