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Guide to DD-WRT (custom firmware) for DIR-615

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Just bought a DIR-615 (H/W: E4) to use as a repeater/bridge for my DIR-655 AP. 

Installed the latest DD-WRT (Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (11/21/10) std build 15778), and tried following the post here to setup a Client Bridge, and a Virtual AP, with both "bridged" together.

My setting as follows:
WAN: disabled
Gateway: (IP address for my DIR-655)

Mode: Client Bridge (Routed)
Gateway: Manual, ( - The IP for my DIR-655 AP
Network: NG-Mixed
Bandwidth: Auto 20/40mhz
SSID: Same name as my DIR-655
Encryption: WPA2 Personal, AES, same password as my DIR-655

Virtual AP
Mode: AP
Network: NG-Mixed
SSID: New AP Name
Encryption: WPA2 Personal, AES, same password as my DIR-655

My problem, is that the bridging doesn't seem to work.  I can connect ath0 to my DIR-655 AP, by going to "Site Survey", then click on the "Join" button on my AP.  Connecting my laptop to the DIR-615 through the LAN port, I cannot "Ping" my DIR-655 at, and DHCP from the DIR-655 doesn't work.  Trying to connect to the Virtual AP, I cannot obtain an IP address since it seems that the ath0 and ath0.1 interfaces are not bridged, and the DIR-615 isn't able to use the DHCP service from the DIR-655.

Any idea what I should try next?

I've reset the router and re-configured it twice, but still the same problem.

Hmmm, what are you trying to achieve?

Client bridge mode bridges two routers over wireless, but the second router (DIR-615) can only serve wired clients.

If you want both wired and wireless clients connected to the DIR-615, which is connected to DIR-655 wirelessly then what you want is "Repeater Bridge." Read more here:

First router needs to be in AP mode.

Also, latest build for your router is

You can update from the interface.

Unfortunately, the DIR-615 does NOT have "Repeater Bridge" mode since it has an Atheros chip.  See available Atheros settings at:

The work around is by using "Client Bridge" for the ath0 interface, which logs into the existing AP, then create a Virtual AP (ath0.1 interface)that is "Bridged" to the the ath0 interface.  I followed the settings in the post at:

Pls. help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have read the guidelines on flashing or upgrading firmware dlink dir 615. 3.03ww c2
What i did is first use emergency and install ddwrt factory.bin then im satisfied in speed but im upgrade it again to ddwrt .bin and it became slower so what i did is to restore

i follow the steps i use again the emergency then install the 3.03ww c2 .bin that is copy from my original or was taken from original setting.
but what happen after it completed installing to 100% the router stopped working the wifi and ethernet has totally stopped only the dlink name light is on.
i think its my fault for i get the .bin file from my original setting and wasnt from dlink latest firmware.
so how can i use emergency room again or inject a new .bin to work function the router again.
the ethernet cord from pc to router is not detected and no wifi. reset button also dont work it dont blink. as in only dlink name in router body is light on. i cant speak english that fluent.
pls understand me english and post a steps for defaulting my router to good again. this kind of fault(wrong .bin or the install was let say not completed or something happen during installation or during installation there is blackout) or should i return it to store and they the one repair it? it has warranty for 1 year i think and its new i bought it last three weeks.

How did you save the original .bin?! I don't think you can do that. When you do backup from the interface, you're not saving the entire firmware, but only your settings, which you can later restore. So, the .bin that results from backup is not for flashing purposes. It's for restoring settings.

Now, back to your problem. I understood that you have a DIR-615 C2 router, which you flashed to DD-WRT and now you want to return to the factory firmware, but you can't get into the emergency room again?

You can get your original 3.03WW from here:

You will find the .bin inside. Or you can get the latest North American version for C2 from here:

To access the Emergency Room Web interface follow these steps:

Unplug the router's power cord and wait 20 seconds.
Push the RESET button and KEEP IT PRESSED.
Connect the power cord back (while still keeping the reset button pressed)
Keep the reset button pressed for an additional 5 seconds after connecting power cord and then release. At this point you should see the power button blinking orange.
Connect over a WIRED connection to the router and set your network adapter IP MANUALLY to
Open in a browser, preferably Internet Explorer 7 or 8. You should see a white page with a Browse and Upload button.
Let the countdown go down to 0 and after your router reboots (the power button goes green) set your network adapter back to AUTOMATICALLY detect IP address.


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