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Author Topic: DGS-3100-24 / DGS-3100-24P / DGS-3100-48 / DGS-3100-48P firmware and MIBs posted  (Read 11426 times)


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DGS-3100-24 / DGS-3100-24P / DGS-3100-48 / DGS-3100-48P

MIBs version 2.00.29

Firmware version 2.00.29

Problems Resolved:
1. When configuring ACL via Web UI in "stacking",  clicking apply in the Web UI, CLI will show “fatal error” message and system will reboot.
2. When configuring the switch via CLI, excessive pressing of “tab” key, will cause a fatal error due to a memory allocation error.
3. When configuring the "command history size" via CLI, setting the maximum value (237), will cause a fatal error message and reboot.
4. Fixed the irrelevant reboot message “DGS-3100# dpssFmfGetBuffer ./appFeatureReset.c#1264”.
5. When trying to configure ACL to deny all traffic. The command “deny all” was not be accepted without a source and a destination port.
6. When configuring ACL rate limit to less than 1600Kbps, the rate limit will not work. 
7. When you verify the status of SNMP trap and SSL via the Web UI, the status is always "enabled" even if this feature has been disabled from the CLI or Web UI.
8. When defining the ACL access ID, system will not check the rule by ID or the priority number. The first input access ID will be the first one to be checked and written into the table.
9. When trying to connect to switch via telnet /ssh with user "priv-1(user)", the user privilege cannot switch back to "priv-15(admin)". Logout first then login as admin.
10. The range of index value in the command: “show syslog index <1-65535>” is wrong. The actual range supported, currently is 1-20.
11. When using “Ethernet_type”as parameter to show the information in MAC based ACL, a wrong format is displayed. (which is listed below for reference.)

Mask Option:
TOctetStringP_GetItem: Index of octet out of bounds
TOctetStringP_GetItem: Index of octet out of bounds
TOctetStringP_GetItem: Index of octet out of bounds
TOctetStringP_GetItem: Index of octet out of bounds
TOctetStringP_GetItem: Index of octet out of bounds
TOctetStringP_GetItem: Index of octet out of bounds

12. When an additional HTTP/HTTPS method is assigned to a user via Web UI, the authentication will not work for both methods.
13. There will be a fatal error when the system authenticates more than 512 MAC addresses.
14. The default IP mask was modified to
15. When downloading configuration file from HTTP via Web UI, UI will not work normally.
16. When downloading firmware from HTTP via Web UI, the UI will not work normally.
17. There is no error message when trying to configure LACP with port range 41-3 (normally it should be 3-41)
18. There were only 255 IGMP multi-groups, instead of 256 in the spec.
19. When configuring the Port Security feature with Admin status “Disabled”, the system will still accept the changing of the number in “Max. Learning Addrr” field.
20. When connected to telnet/ssh with user with "priv-1 (user)" you cannot switch back with "priv-15 (admin)".
21. An irrelevant reboot message appears after resetting the device
22. In CLI, user can’t create SNMP user account in "SNMPv1 group".
23. There were unnecessary characters in the ACL profile list.
24. Default IP route configuration can not be loaded.
25. No system contact on GUI.


1. New trap notification supports STP loopback detection.
2. New trap notification supports MAC authentication when success and failure.
3. Added Per port BPDU filtering.
4. Editable login banner.
5. 3-level user accounts – added “Operator” to “Admin” and “User”.
6. DHCP Auto Update – the ability to download firmware and configuration file according to the information on the DHCP server.
7. Dual Image Support – ability to select the active image.
8. Direct access to password recovery (shift+6).
9. DGS-3100-24TG can operate with image version 2.xx.
10. Safeguard improved implementation – protecting the CPU from all broadcasts.