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Replacing old router with D-Link


I just bought a D-Link 615 router to replace my Linksys.  I first unplugged the ethernet cable that came from my computer and plugged it into the back of my modem to keep my internet connection live.  After doing this I had no internet connection.  This is my first problem.  Second after running the installation cd the router doesn't connect.  All the lights come on, I just don't have an internet connection.  If I plug my Linksys router back in I have the connection back.  When I try to run the cd again it says I need to reset the D-Link router to its original settings.  I tried holding in the reset button for 40 seconds and it didn't work.

I had the same problem as you...with the old Linksys it was darn near plug n play!
(1)  Make sure you are running the lastest firmware on the DIR-615
(2)  Change the IP addy of the DIR-615 from to - this took care of my conflicts with the router and modem
After making these two changes, I haven't had a problem with dropping my internet connection.


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