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Unable to load firmware - DIR-655 A2

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I have a DIR-655 A2 with Firmware 1.31NA.  I constantly receive emails that there is a 1.32NA version and in fact there is also a 1.33NA version on the web site.  I have tried to upload both versions but have had no success.  I have tried to reboot as well as reset the unit, but to no avail.  The 1.32 version has as part of the file name "A4" which made me suspect that it is only for the hardware version A4, but I cannot find any reference that would support that.  The 1.33 version has no such specification.  However, regardless, neither one works.  It appears to load and gives me all of the appropriate messages, but when all is said and done, I am still at 1.31.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

I had this problem as well. Here's how i solved it, first make sure you are connected wired to the first port. Just to be safe, have no other wires in ports 2-4. also make sure you back up your settings to a file on your pc or you'll lose all settings after update. hope this helps.

 :D Unbelievable.  It worked!  However, there are some caveats.  Just removing all the other connections and plugging to port one in fact did NOT work.  However, based on some of the other suggestions, I also did the following:  I held the reset button for 30 seconds or more and then unplugged the unit for about a minute.  I also added one more step and that was to disconnect the connection to the modem.  I figured "the more the merrier".  (Obviously I had saved and restored the configuration also.)  The combination of all of those worked!  Obviously, your suggestion was the key.  Unfortunately, I have been in this business for many years ago and in the old, dark ages, using port one was pretty much a rule of thumb.  I thought, clearly incorrectly, that it was no longer the case.  Of course, the silly question is why this is not clearly documented.

Since I had already tried all of the other steps, you had the key.  I can't even begin to tell you how much frustration you have alleviated and also how grateful I am.  I appreciate your expertise as well as your taking time to help out.  Thanks again.

 :D :D :D
Gentlemen - I've got to admit, I was searching for the solution, and I came upon your posts.  I first read bigph20, and laughed.  That had to be the dumbest thing I'd ever thought.  Then I read JFZ's.  So, first I tried Bigph20, and it did not work, per se.  Wanting to isolate this, I tried all the rest of JFZ's, but put the cable back to position 3.  It did not work.  Then, as JFZ said, I tried the cable position in 1, with the modem disconnected, the reset, and the disconnect for 1 minute.  Then I cried because it did work.  Holy S.  I've been at computer stuff since 1971, I'm DEFINITELY at an expert level, especially on hardware, and I never, ever would have thought of this.  D-Link firmware has always been relatively easy to re-flash, this was definitely a new experience. ???

D-Link, thanks for keeping older boxes up to date, and fixing the WAN problem.  But, please either correct the above necessities, or post the solution PROMINENTLY in the notes that accompany the upgrade.

And to both of you gentlemen, my hat is off...  Drink Starbucks?

Thanks for the info.  I've used many routers and this is the most convoluted process i've ever encountered for a firmware update.  the worst part about it all was that nothing indicated that the firmware update failed except that the version number didn't change on reboot.  i regret buying this router, i'll need a really good reason to consider buying another d-link or recommending them to anyone.


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