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Author Topic: 1522 problem with setting up printer  (Read 2334 times)


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1522 problem with setting up printer
« on: March 11, 2010, 10:34:18 PM »

i just replaced my old linksys router today with a d-link dir-655. after i got that finally working (had to tweak channel and frequencies...), i tried to set up the dap-1522. i ran an ethernet cord from the AP to my laptop but i couldn't access the config page via http://dlinkap (that just took me to a search page) nor through after a while, i gave up and just used the WPS button and got my router to setup it for me through there.

that somehow allowed me to access the AP's config page for a sec (im setting up the DAP1522 as a bridge so i could share a xerox printer). i set the dap1522 to my current network's SSID and WPA2 passphrase, and seemed like it all worked. i disconnected everything, then took the 1522 into my office to plug into the printer.

i still can't access the dlinkap page however. idk how it only worked once but not anymore. i tried checking the ip address of the printer from my router config page's "number of dynamic dhcp clients" section. i deduced that it was (the DAP1522 was, since it said its expiration was "Never" and i think it said its IP was static when i briefly made it onto the dap's config page...). so i reserved the printer's ip as well and tried to continue setting up my printer.

i tried to add printer based on the ip address, but when i try to attempt a practice print, the console says "a communication error has occurred...[error number : 306]" or something.

could someone with more expertise than me kindly show me what i'm doing wrong in terms of how to access the DAP's setup page or how i should proceed?

thanks for reading
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