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Does any know if D-Link is working on a WORKING driver for the DGE-530T for Windows 7 64 bit....because Microsoft seems to think it is compatible, but it don't do jack. I have tried two different cards. Both work on a 32bit system. I have tried the x64 XP, Server 2008 64 bit , and Vista 64 bit drivers and they all do the same thing...they DON'T work. Here is what is happening.
NIC card enabled
NIC card discovering Network
NIC card cable disconnected
NIC card disabled
Goto loop

And so help me, I will turn violent if someone suggests that I need to have my network cable plugged in.  ;D


you may have more luck by just sending the mods an PM...

I have seen such things with other adapters...had bought several netgear wgt301's a few years back, same store at same time, and when I tried to install an updated driver some months later, it only worked for 3 of the 4 adapters.

That 4th adapter just would not digest the updated driver for some reason.  It worked fine with the original driver, and oddly, it worked again with the 18 months later updated driver, but that middling update was just un-digestible for it.

Go figger.

Also, You might check for a driver from teh actual DGE's chipset maker, maybe its an Atheros ??  I had to do that with my DLink card Extreme N PCI 3 antennas (brain fart on model number here)...The Atheros generic driver worked fine, but the DLink included driver would not....that was with XP pro 32bit.

The Chipset on the card is Marvel 88e8001. I download THEIR drivers, and same thing....so it looks like Marvel are the ones that need to work on this.....


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