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Video not starting when Motion is Detected.

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I have a lot of DLink DCS Series Cameras and all them seem to correctly trigger the video recording at the time of motion detection. However with this DCS-4622 I constantly see 10-15 second delays between the time of motion detection and the start of the video. This renders this camera useless for security. The video must start upon motion detection as it is programmed to do. I have many different combinations of bitrates, video size, etc. and none of them work correctly. What a shame. I would like to a bunch more but until this problem is solved purchases are on hold.

Any ideas as to what is causing this problem?

Really hoping to get some help with this. This problem is really rendering this camera completely useless.

What are you recording to?

I am recording to a network server. I had a DCS-2132 in that location before and it worked fine with the same network infrastructure, no delays. I disconnected that one and plugged this one, and now I have 10-15 second delays from the time of motion detection to the start of the video recording. I have tried many different file lengths and file sizes, makes no difference.

Do you have other events configured or only motion detection to your server?

Definitely sounds like a latency issue. The camera may be having issues in the beginning when it is trying to write the file to your server.

When you say network server, I assume using the Network Storage option under Event Setup? 

What hardware revision and firmware are you using?


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