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Percentage Option Missing from Motion Detection Setup


With the DCS-4622 I purchased I see in the Manual Motion Detection Screen the control for Percentage of Motion filling the screen is completely missing. This is not acceptable. The only control is Sensitivity. This greatly limits the proper operation of this camera. I notice that almost all the motion detections are late.

When will this be corrected? I want to buy more but I need to how to control this.

The bizzare thing is if you look at the system log when you change the sensitivity percentage it says:
1. 2019/03/18 17:50:10 admin from set motion detection sensitivity from 92 to 90.
2. 2019/03/18 17:50:10 admin from set motion detection percentage from 8% to 10%.

These controls should be completely independent as they are on every other DCS Series Camera.


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