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New - DNR-202L v2.05 Build 07 FW Update - Beta Release


Firmware: v2.05 B07 Beta 2/22/2019
Release Notes:
Fixed Revoked Certificate issue

Known Issues:
Hopefully this will also fix bad UI displaying in the DNRs web pages.  :-\

Get it here:

Let us know how it works for you...

I can confirm that this version of FW is working and has cleared up bad web page UI display. Looks good in IE11.

I tried FF ESR v52.9 however I keep getting a error on the Live page and in Java:
CacheEntry[]: updateAvailable=false,lastModified=Sat Feb 23 11:20:32 MST 2019,length=-1
NVR Stream Player NVR v2.02.05

I presume this maybe due to the use of v52 FF.
I installed FF v66x32 on a different PC. It's not activating Java. I see no Jave plug in for FF v66. This version is the normal FF v66. I also see a EME Free version as well. Not sure which one I should be using with the 202L.  ::) I don't think any recent versions of FF will work since FF disables plug-ins.  :-\


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