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Attempting to setup 1520


I'll start off with,  I have no idea what I am doing...     

I have tried the WPS key setup,  that doesnt seem to work at all.   
press first on router, then on dap device.   The 1520 starts blinking green, then eventually goes back to a blinking amber.

So I thought I would give the other setup a try. 

"Run the Setup Wizard"    What setup wizard?  No software whatsoever came with this device.
 The local site that is given to setup the device comes back as  "We canít connect to the server at dlinkap.local.."

Any help with this at this point would be incredibly helpful,  thank you

Well,  I finally got this extender up and running on my little network here.  Finally found the help I needed in the Amazon reviews.

Glad you got it working. I was working on a response for you   ;D 

If you have anymore issues let us know.

Also download the User Manual and Quick Installation Guides from the DAPs support site.

Enjoy.  ;)


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