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DCS-8525LH with 3d parties


**NOTE** This information is provided AS IS from a customer who is not happy with this sub standard product.   I should say using any of this may (and probably will) void your warranty.

My goal was to make this camera usable in zonerminder.   Which is successful with diminished performance.

I really wish companies would not sabotage their devices by trying to force sub standard solutions.  The camera has enough functionality already to have a UI, but it was stripped out of the camera to force us to use their android app that doesn't work!

All this depends on the device being FACTORY REST and NOT paired with your telephone/account.  (otherwise a password is set that you don't know) You also have to find what your IP address is (possibly from your router)

If your asked for a login and password the default is
login: admin
password:    <BLANK>

Single Frame (currently working method with zoneminder)
You can get a single frame 640x360 from over http at

You can use this with Zone Minder Remote method (for example) 1 fps
I have had issues with the camera crashing after about 2 days. I implemented a reboot every 4 hours and it seems to work (see below for reboot)

H264 stream
I had a hard time getting this to work

There is a stream available over http here:

However i had problems watching it in VLC and FFMPEG
VLC: you must set the demuxer manually (see https://youtu.be/pYFIb-QnpcM)

Following command decoded the video file without a problem
ffmpeg -y -f h264 -i  http://admin:@ test.mp4

I tried putting this into FFMPEG in zoneminder without any luck. working on a way to use FFMPEG to process the stream and send it out to rtmp to zonerminder

H264 stream over RTSP

From what i can see you must first identify the url you wish the stream to goto

curl -u admin: -d "profileid=1&urlentry=test"

RTSP stream SHOULD be at rstp://
HOWEVER best i can tell it is firewalled off and will NOT work

=( =( =(

PTZ Controls

Return max range of the camera

Returns current position of the camera

Move to value from 0,0
curl http://admin:@ -d "p=0&t=0"

Move to value from current position (relative)
curl http://admin:@ -d "p=0&t=0"



Network config

Get network settings

you can post any of these values to this url to change it

If any one plays with anyof this with success id love to hear what you have done.

Thanks for the info. Most of this may not work. The original firmware left some of the functionality in but has been removed with the latest firmware. If anyone finds ways of doing it please post. It will not void the warranty but D-Link tech support will not support it.

The 8xxxLH series cameras are app only and will not have http/rtsp support (which I 100% agree should not have been removed). There are 6 cameras in the series, all other 30+ cameras from D-link do support http/rtsp.

Hi darkdragon,

Thanks for the info. I got to finally tap into the feed of my DCS-8525.
Just to let you know, the "password" is actually the PIN code written underneath the camera. It doesn't change, even after you pair the camera with your phone/account. 
I'm writing here because I'm having issues in VLC with the feed.

You wrote:

--- Quote ---However i had problems watching it in VLC and FFMPEG
VLC: you must set the demuxer manually
--- End quote ---
I got it working (set it to "H264 video demuxer")  for the video, but video freezes for seconds, then catches up, and then freezes again.. .etc. 
You wrote:

--- Quote ---Following command decoded the video file without a problem
ffmpeg -y -f h264 -i  http://admin:@ test.mp4
--- End quote ---
Where do you actually use this command? I having issues getting it working.
Is this in windows command prompt?

C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc ffmpeg -y -f h264 -i  http://admin:@ test.mp4  ?
It doesn't work :(

Thanks in advance for you help! 
EDIT:  hmm, I just realized VLC and ffmpeg are 2 totally different softwares :/  #imanewbie


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