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"The request is forbidden" Error


I am getting a `The request is forbidden` error when trying to access the camera using its IP, both through a browser and through an NVR. Any suggestions on what I can do or what triggered this?

I am using the latest firmware 2.00.

Are you getting this by just entering the IP address? This error is usually a permissions error - connecting to a specific .htm page.

If you are just entering for example and getting this error something is definitely wrong. if you are entering something like, then yes sometimes you may get that error if you are not considered logged in.

D-Link US does not sell this camera so I am not sure about specific errors or issues. Hopefully another user or the tech from Canada who is helping you can find out.

I eventually had to reset the camera and set it up from scratch. Not sure what happened; I would get this error just by hitting the IP directly. Thanks for your help.


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