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Wireless repeater functionality?

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Try that link again...

Yep, can access it now thanks.

That's the setup I currently have except for the same SSID on the routers, add never understood how the mobile would switch to the closer root. I suppose I'll just try it out.

I need to upgrade the wireless router to GB internet anyway.

Thanks all

Switching will be the devices duty for the most part.
I some cases you may need to give a different SSID name and same PW and see how things go. Also be sure to set manual channels and channels should be farthest away from each other.

I've had different SSIDs up to now which is a pain, half way through a VoIP call I notice in on the wrong WiFi.
These are Netgear routers which appear to have a wireless repeater functionality built in, so was seeing what is on the market now.

Yeah... I logged in and changed the channel recently, thinking that on was on the wrong channel, and mistakenly put it in the same channel add the main router, the girlfriend and I were sitting at the WiFi because it was dropping every 2 min... Oops 🤣

Nice one, thanks.

How big is the home? SqFt?

Possible you might want to consider getting in to a COVR (mesh) wifi system and save the hassle of configuring multiple APs.  ;)


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