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D-ViewCam - 5.0.0 Released (with DevicePack 2.3.8)


DViewCam 5.0.0 has been released.

For software, device pack, and manual downloads, go to

Release Notes:

1. Support 64-bit MainConsole
2. Support MainConsole up to 64ch (current 32ch)
3. Support Playback up to 4ch((current 1ch)
4. Support high monitor resolution(2560*1440,2560*1600,3840*2160)
5. LiveView supports Set Default Profile Setting function
6. MainConsole supports delete multiple-selection camera
7. LiveView supports Export/Import Server List (.csv)
8. LiveView supports Export/Import Server Group List (.csv)
9. Update Japanese translation

Device Pack 2.3.8 Release Notes:

Security fix:
Devilís Ivy-- gSOAP Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (CVE-2017-9765)

Added support for:
DCS-4701E HW:B1 (Device Pack V2.3.5)
DCS-4705E HW:A1 (Device Pack V2.3.7)
DCS-4802E HW:B1 (Device Pack V2.3.7)

Video Guy:
D-Viewcam DCS-100 Version 5.0.0, Device Pack 2.3.8 32 Bit. Using Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
After a few camera changes, D-Viewcam doesnít remember settings when closed and restarting. Prior to this there was no problem. I have to manually reenter the following that were previously set and saved: Reselect Audio on Active Channel, Reselect all channels under Monitor Display (never had to do this before), Reselect 12 Positions to display on Main Screen and the preferred order and reselect Fix Aspect Ratio where required.
I tried again to save this configuration with no change in behavior. I saved a Backup of it and then reloaded it with no fix. I tried to uninstall and re-install with no change. I also tried using IOBit full uninstaller with no change. It seems that some part of the program is always stored that remains after reinstallation (perhaps the Registry).
Is there anything else I could do to remedy this situation.

Does anyone know why there is no video on a v5 install on 2008 r2?

Server 2016 is working. Possible incompatibility with 2008 R2. Something to contact D-Link about to check this out.


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