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i can't flash 895L

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when i try to flashing my DIR-895L with dd-wrt

from(management>upgrade>upgrade manually>select file)

its popping message (Frimeware Upgrade failed)

my current FW(1.15, Thu 28 Sep 2017)

can you help me plz

 I tried also with recovery emergency but canít connect to and no internet i donít no why

You need to do the Emergency recovery and downgrade the FW to v1.11 then try to migrate to WRT.

Please refer to DD-WRTs forum for additional help and information for using there FW.

Update succesfull but..  the network led is orange no internet

The LED activity will not be the same as with the D-Link firmware. On the 890L I just get an orange LED. 

Reboot your modem.

What ISP do you have?


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