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Downgrade Firmware - DCS-8300LH


Is it any way to force the installation of a previous firmware version from SD?

Unfortunately not.  We have requested they add this feature in this camera line but not sure if it will.  Are you having issues with the current firmware?

Thank you for the answer. My main reasons are:
1)  when I both my cam with firmware version 1.00 (if Iím not wrong), I was able to connect third party software like Home Assistant or Synology Surv.
2)  the worst part: currently is installed the version 1.03.1 and every night is trying to reinstall the firmware + it stopped to work the recording on my internal sd.
Thank you for all the help

1. Unfortunately the initial firmware had RTSP enabled which they took out with the next firmware upgrade.
2. In the mydlink app, go to the settings > tap Upgrade Time and disable Auto-Upgrade.


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