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Video almost all white, washed out

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I'm not sure how often this has been happening since this cam [very unfortunately] doesn't support an always-record option, but today I just happened to take a live look at the video stream (1080p) and notice I could barely make out anything.  It was very bright white and nearly completely washed out.  This was around noon on the US east coast.  The cam points out of a window.  As a complete guess, I tried changing the cam setting from 50Hz to 60Hz.  When I went back to the live stream, the picture looked great.  I put it back to 50Hz and it still looked fine.  I decided to leave it at 60Hz to see if I ever notice the washed out problem in the future (it had been at 50Hz since originally set up).

Related to this issue, I read this similar forum thread:
which seemed to correct the problem by turning "Off" the anti-flicker setting.  The 8300LH does not have an off setting, just 50Hz or 60Hz.  Does it need an "Off" setting to deal with this white wash issue?

Leaving it set to 60Hz did not prevent the white-out.  I checked the cam about the same time and it was extremely washed out, and, it's an overcast day.  Changing to 50Hz fixed the problem (changing it back to 60 had no effect on the live stream).  So when the white-out occurs, a workaround is to simply change the value of the Anti-Flicker setting - doesn't matter what value, just changing it restores the video.

I would like to see if a firmware change to turn off the Anti-Flicker solves the problem like it did for the other camera (see link above).

Is the video OK if not pointing out a window? Maybe try in a normally lit room and see if the picture is washed out. Could be an issue with that actual camera.

Also is there any glare on the glass or higher-than-normal brightness/reflections on something outside?

The video is generally great.  When the problem is occurring, simply changing the value of the Anti-Flicker (doesn't matter which value, just the opposite of whatever it is) returns the video to normal. 

Example of my problem...
Most mornings I see this:

And if I simply toggle or change the Anti-flicker setting, the video immediately returns to normal:

This does not happen everyday, but most days.  And, it doesn't seem to matter if it's sunny of overcast.
Maybe need some way (firmware change) to completely disable the Anti-flicker feature.


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