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How to SD Record all the time


I give up!  I simply want to record to a 128GB SD card, all the time, and have it recycle the oldest video.  I come from using a DCS-936L which had an intuitive Web interface to set this up.  I took the SD card out of the 936L (after disabling its SD recording) and pushed the card into my new 8300LH and rebooted the 8300.  I realize the 8300 has no Web interface so I've tried to figure out the mydlink app interface.  There are Schedules, Events, and Automation settings along with Timers, etc.  I would appreciate some help enabling always-on SD Card recording.  I don't want motion or sound detection, just always-on SD card recording.

By the way - there does not appear to be a motion detection On/Off switch.  How do I know if it's OFF, which is what I want it set to?

This camera does not let you record 24/7 (only when motion and/or sound detection is triggered).

There is no longer an on/off switch for motion detection but to "turn it off", go to the settings of the camera, tap Motion Setting. Tap Clear All (all boxes should be clear, not orange) and set the sensitivity to 0. Tap back.

Thanks GreenBay.  The problem with motion-detected recording versus always-on is that motion-detected does not catch all activity, even when set to 100% sensitivity.  I know of numerous times no event was recorded when there should have been.  With always-on (like with the 936L) I could just review by date & time.  If 100% sensitivity motion detection worked, I guess I'd be OK with that.

I understand. I wish the DCS-8xxxLH series supported 24/7 recording (and had all the features of our older cameras TBO).


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