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Question about link speed

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Thanks guys. Appreciate your replies.

I have used wifi analyzer and adjusted the channels. I have also done the speed test and I am getting the internet speed what I am supposed to. So that all fine.

My main curiosity was around the spec of AC1900 and whether the connection link on 5 Ghz should be around 1300 rather than 433 I am getting now. May be my understanding is incorrect. That's the reason for question.

Since your phones and tablets are only 2x2, you will never get anything over 800.  In a vacuum with no other wifi signals you may get close to 866 right next to the router but in real ife you are probably looking at 650 max. You then have the processor of both the client and router working, the wifi overhead (encryption), etc.

You may want to turn off smart connect which you can then give each band its own SSID and wifi password. This will put less overhead on the router connecting to clients.

I was just trying that at the moment  :)
For some reason no matter what combination I try, I cannot get link speeds of more that 433 on phones and 300 on laptop.

Can't understand why. :-\

If your iPhone is an SE, then that maybe the max conn rate they do. SEs were pretty much low budget phones. I in law has one.
You would need to pull up the Mfr and model of the Laptop wireless adapter card and look at the specs for that card. Depending upon age and design, 300Mb maybe max Conn Rate for that card. I know my old Mac Book Pro 2008 Maxes out at 300 on 5Ghz and 130 on 2.4Ghz. I still use it.
I have a Samsung Tab S2, I only see about 144Mb on it's conn rate. It's a few years old.

Hi Guys

Thanks for all your reply on this. As you all suggested, i did check the spec of the hardware and it seems that it's the limitation of the hardware chipset that's limiting the speed.

Thank you all again.



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