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I am concerned about securing access to my switches. I like the feature completeness of D-Link Network Assistant, but I cannot figure out how to secure access to my switches. Using D-Link Network Assistant, which anyone can install, one can reset the switch's password, upload new firmware, and other security sensitive functions. The most effective way to block access to this functionality, that I have seen, is to use the Trusted Host functionality. However, this only blocks on IP. Of course anyone can claim an IP. Besides, I would like to be able to use an arbitrary PC to manage the devices.

I would like to be able to lock down admin access to my switches. It should be that one should have to perform a factory reset if one forgets the password. I shouldn't be able to reset the password, upload firmware, etc, without any security measures.

Am I missing something? I hope so.

Thank you!

i think the best way is :

1/ use ACL to restrict access to switch (you can use ip ACL or Mac address ACL)
2/ use a radius server (AAA server) to authenticate and authorize users



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